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Movies I like

The Indiana Jones movies
Star Wars movies
Spiderman Movies
Men in Black 1 & 2
The Hunt for Red October
Sea Quest TV series
Home Improvement TV seriesimage
and many more....image

Interesting facts about me

Top 10 About Me

1. Love affair with Cars
2. Computer--build and repair
3.Oldest male child
4. Married my best friend
5. Interest in CB radios
6. I love to travel
7. I am my best when camping and fishing image
8. I always go the extra mile in everything I do
9. I have a black hole I'd love to stuff mean people
10. I love honesty and loyalty

Other Interesting Facts about Me

I appear quiet yet friendly. I choose my friends wisely. When I am engrossed in a project, I am there 100%. I love fast cars, and I race them in my spare time. I also do all my mechanic work on them.
I love to spend time alone with my girl. We are soul mates. We have been together for 19 yrs. She is a part of my pit crew.

My recent posts

No posts yet.

Thing to do in my life

The above are places I haven't traveled to yet...

Take my wife whale watching--we haven't had the time for this yet
Climb Mt. Hood
Applaud our sons as they graduate college
Build our dream house
Grow old together
Build from the ground up my own sports car

Fav Tunes